Frequently Asked Questions

Is this allowed?

THIS IS NOT A MOD. This is an external program built using a similar technological stack to sites like This does not automate any gameplay player actions. This only reads your game's logs - it does not modify any game files or contain any auto-clicking/macro functionalities. From a technical point of view, this works similarly to uploading screenshots of your gameplay to Imgur or Discord (reading files outputted by the game). Most if not all leaderboard players use overlays. From Hypixel's point of view, this overlay does not exist, similarly to any other program you may have on your computer that does not impact the gameplay (like auto-clicker, macros or mods giving you an unfair advantage).

What operating systems are supported?

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

How does this compare to other overlays?

Please check out the comparison table on our website.
Last modified 7mo ago